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Randy has been an avid outdoorsman since he was young. He learned many valuable lessons about wildlife and their habitat while hunting across the state of Oklahoma. From tracking animals, to calling birds and wildlife into viewing distance, all of his experiences as a young outdoorsman and naturalist have helped him capture the images you see on this web site. He has been "hunting with a camera" since 1974 when his wife gave him his first 35mm camera as a gift while they were engaged. During Christmas break from college that year, he took his first wildlife photo of a Red-tailed Hawk with a borrowed 200mm lens. While the photo wasn't that spectacular, Randy was hooked, and he has been photographing wildlife and nature ever since.


Randy and his wife have a passion for wildlife (especially butterflies and birds), and they have spent countless hours studying and photographing them. They are always alert for birds and other wildlife while they are driving. They have developed several "wildlife drives" that they go on regularly. Randy loves to share their adventures with others and he has given many presentations to scouting groups, schools, business groups, and photography clubs over the years. They both have a "knack" for finding subjects in the field that others may miss. Randy always stresses that good outdoor skills will always help you in the field - the two most important: " Go slowly. Walk a few feet, stop and look around. The second is to keep noise to a minimum. All wildlife is sensitive to noise and movement, even insects. We've had people rush right past us on a trail, not noticing the deer that was just off the trail. When we ran into them a little later, they asked if we had seen anything, because they hadn't seen a thing!"


He is now a full-time photographer and designer with over thirty years of advertising and marketing experience. Randy is an accomplished freelance writer with over forty articles published in magazines. He was a featured contributor to Distinctly Oklahoma Magazine. His books include The Way I See It - Wildlife In Oklahoma, Dancing With Butterflies - Oklahoma Butterflies, The Mother Road - Route 66 In Oklahoma, and Oklahoma Lights - Christmas Light Displays In Oklahoma.


All Images And Content Are ©2016 Randy C. Anderson • All Rights Reserved

All Images And Content Are ©2016 Randy C. Anderson • All Rights Reserved